Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Cake inspired by a Wedding Dress

This is a White Cake by Tish Boyle filled with a raspberry filling, and covered with a Swiss Meringue Frosting also by Tish Boyle.  All of that is then topped with my homemade fondant.
Each tier had 3 layers of cake.  The tiers were 12" and 8".  
The bride knew exactly what she wanted so that made it easy!  I used satin lavender ribbon around the cake then I matched them to go around the cake board.  I even lightly brushed the cake with some luster dust.  

Here is the grooms cake, he is a big fan of golf!  As you can see.  :)  It is Italian Cream Cake, also 3 layers thick, filled with Cream Cheese Frosting, and topped with a Buttercream.  I used the Buttercream on top because I was concerned the Cream Cheese Frosting would melt in the very hot temperatures we have been having here in Texas.  Now that would not have been a good thing!   I added the same lavender satin ribbon around the grooms cake board as well.  

Everyone was very happy with the cakes!

Blessings, Rachel

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