Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cupcake Day

Thursday and Friday I made Chocolate Chip Butter Cupcakes. They were delicious!!!!

Here is the yummy cake batter.  I doubled the recipe so we had plenty of cupcakes!  I brought them to small group Friday night.

The cupcakes are cooling off and getting ready for frosting!

This is a simple all white buttercream frosting. I'm trying a new experiment with color. I want to use all natural colors, so I reduced the beet juice from a can of beets, strained it, and added it to the frosting. It made the loveliest pink!!  I also made green with Spirulina, and reduced blueberry-acai juice for the purple. The beets worked the best and I really liked the brightness of the color. 

The taste for the pink was pretty much unchanged, the purple tasted a bit like grape juice, and the green was tangy and very yummy. My daughter like the green the best! Of course the sprinkles are totally full of additives, and artificial ingredients, but my girls just had a blast helping and decorating with them!

My personal favorite!  Pink!!