Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Cinderella" Castle Cake

This Labor Day I spent the day decorating a super fun cake for my friend Emily's kiddos.  The cake was a Golden Cake from The Cake Book by Tish Boyle.  The buttercream is my Billy Vanillie recipe that I've posted here.  The cake is made from four 8" square pans, topped with buttercream, then decorated with white and blue fondant.  The fondant I make from powdered sugar and marshmallows.

My husband made the flags for me and even made a special trip to the store when (gasp) I ran out of powdered sugar.  He is a very good husband.  <3

Just for fun I thought I'd share my very first fondant cake I made, that just so happened was also a castle cake.  You can see how far I've come in a year + a few months, of baking.  It's not that long, but I have had a bummpy and fun ride making cakes!  I've had some super great cakes, and some not so great, I'm sad to say.  Overall, I have learned so much.

My first cake ever!  June 2009, My daughter's Pony birthday party cake.  The fondant was hard for me to smooth out, the cake was hard to form, not to mention I did not have The Cake Book!, but the idea was good.  It inspired me to keep trying.

Thank you Emily for the honor of making your cake!  I'm truly blessed that my friends and family believe in me and support me as I learn the "art" of cake decorating and baking.

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