Friday, November 20, 2009

German Chocolate Cake

German Chocolate Yummyness is what this is.  I have never actually made or eaten homemade from scratch German Chocolate cake and for some reason I keep hearing how good it is from different people.

So when my friend asked me to make her husband a German Chocolate Cake for his birthday, I was excited!

I was happy to try a new recipe and see what everyone was talking about.
When I was a kid I remember eating German chocolate cake from the box and a premade frosting out of the container.  My mom used to make it this way, and so did my grandmother.  Who knew you could make all this from scratch??  Can I just say, making this cake from scratch, with all natural, all fresh and organic ingredients ups the level of goodness by tenfold!  It is amazing even if I do say so myself!

I made it extra tall, with five layers of cake and gooey coconut and toasted pecan filling.  For the sides I used a chocolate buttercream.

For our family we made a smaller version with no nuts or coconut (because my sweet littlest daughter despises both of them) but I added them to the top of mine and my husband's. My 5 year old had fun decorating it just like Mommy!  I was quite impressed!

I love comments and followers!  Have a great weekend!

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